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Occupational Health medical equipment  

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    MSG AudioPlus NBR Boothless

    USB Powered Booth Less Audiometer

    MSG AudioPlus SA100

    USB Screening Audiometer


    MSG Audio Booth       

    Loose standing                    Audio booth       

    MSG Incentive  Spirometer

    USB Incentive pulmonary function test machine

    MSG Calibration  Syringe 3L

    Volume calibration syringes for spirometry devices

    MSG Weather Station

    Real time/automatic USB weather station

    MSG Vision Screener

    VSV-GT Keystone Vision screener

    MSG Occupational Clinic Software

    Occupational Health management software

    PAPERLESS Medicals

    Occupational clinic management software

    Occuplus provides occupational health professionals with medical device integration software that makes conducting medical surveillance tests easy and accurate. This user friendly software package enables you to only have to enter your patients details once, conducting integrated spiro, audio and vision testing. Occuplus automatically creates certificate of fitness with reporting.



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