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    At Rexgrowth and 1.618 financial services, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and concerns faced by medical health specialists when it comes to insurance payments, be it for their business or personal needs. We acknowledge and respect your situation, and our expertise lies in providing comprehensive assistance to help you navigate the insurance landscape effortlessly.

    Whether you already have insurance in place or are starting a new practice, we specialize in offering advice, planning, and implementing insurance strategies that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our objective is to ensure that you have the necessary coverage to safeguard your business and personal assets, while providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process.

    What medical professionals wants from us:

    Business cover is of great value for medical health specialists as it provides financial protection and peace of mind. Medical health specialists often work with clients and employees in various settings, which exposes them to potential risks and liabilities. Having the right business coverages, such as general liability, data compromise, and employer’s liability, ensures that occupational health specialists are safeguarded against potential lawsuits, property damage, data breaches, and employee-related issues. This coverage not only protects your practice and reputation but also helps you focus on providing quality health services without worrying about unexpected financial burdens.

    We provide professionals with:

    Big scope of coverage options

    Rexgrowth (in partnership with 1.618) goes beyond representing a single financial institution. We work closely with all major financial groups to offer you comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your business, ensuring you receive the best rates available.

    Reduced premium expenses

    The financial burden of insurance premiums can be a major worry for your business. However, thanks to our expertise, extensive experience, and strong connections with leading insurance providers, we are able to offer you a range of options at the most competitive rates.

    Simplifying comprehension

    For business owners, it can be difficult to grasp the details of their existing policy or decipher the terms provided by a potential new insurance provider. At Rexgrowth, we recognize these difficulties and value your expertise in your field. Our specialization lies in effectively conveying information to you, ensuring nothing is overlooked, and making it all comprehensible.

    Improved claims processing

    Delays or complications in handling claims can disrupt business operations and impose financial burdens. At Rexgrowth, we take great pride in offering responsive support to alleviate such frustrations. We prioritize minimizing delays and difficulties in claims processing, recognizing their potential to disrupt your business and create financial strain.

    Reputation and Trust

    At Rexgrowth, in collaboration with 1.618 Financial Services, we strive to offer reassurance. As the second largest financial institution in South Africa, representing numerous financial entities, we have built a strong track record through extensive experience and specialization. The partnership between our organizations provides you with the perfect combination to make well-informed decisions.

    How does this work


    We schedule a non-obligation meeting with you do discuss your business function, challenges and need.


    We conduct a needs analysis to discover the ins and outs of those needs/challenges.


    We go back to the drawing board and build a solution to that/those problem/s.


    We present the solution to you, providing you with a systematic approach.


    You are then in the position to make an informed decision when you see fit.


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